Who We Work With


Catapult Solutions works with values-led organisations concerned about creating the right culture and securing the right talent to achieve business goals and objectives in line with organisation purpose, values and beliefs.

Our clients tell us that the things that keep them awake at night are:

  • Recruiting the right talent – shortfalls in the talent pipeline and/or cumbersome and outdated recruitment methods that don’t deliver the talent they need
  • Getting the job done – lack of prioritising, time management, ability to plan, perseverance are a risk to performance
  • Retaining the right talent – keeping bright young talent; retaining people with the tenacity and capacity to operate in a rapidly changing environment
  • Identifying risk – identifying those people who are or are likely to pose a risk to their organisation’s performance and reputation
  • Maintaining and growing performance in a rapidly changing and turbulent global environment – people’s resilience to change, motivation and will to keep going through turbulent times

Some Case Studies..

UK Estates Management Business

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Hospital Corporation for America, HCCA

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Long Close School, Cognita Group

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St James Senior Boys’ School

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International Hotel and Hospitality

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Food Retail Logistics Company

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