Axiometrics – Overview

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  • Video – The Origins of Axiology and Axiometrics®  – click here
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Academic & Commercial Validity Studies  

Comparative Analysis of Tools in the market place 

Academic Psychologists –  analysis of Conventional Psychometrics

  • “There is little evidence of enduring relationships between personality test scores and measures of success at work” (Blinkhorn and Johnson 1990). click here
  • “Are psychological attributes quantitative?” is not an empirical question: Conceptual confusions in the measurement debate (Franz, D. J. (2022). Theory & Psychology, 32(1), 131–150.  click here
  • A Harvard Business Review (HBR) paper reported the findings of a study by Schmidt and Hunter (1998) and updated findings (2013) that set out to discover the most effective recruitment selection processes and to reveal the practices that don’t work as well. It was based on validity coefficients ranging from 0 to 1. The higher the number, the higher the correlation between test scores and predicted future job performance.  Psychometrics personality tests typically using the Likert Scale or are Ipsative in assessment technique. They rank near the bottom – with a coefficient of only up to 0.22. Axiometrics®, on the other hand, is a cognitive ability test – these have a coefficient of 0.65.

Simple 3 step Culture Blueprint Process

– Define, Measure, Develop (and re-measure)

    1. 9 Pathways – Define Values for Blueprint – click here
    2. Select Competency set:-
      1. Manager Competency Definitions – click here
      2. Sales Competency Definitions – click here
      3. Customer Service Definitions – click here
      4. General Competency Definitions – click here
    3. Applicant/Employee value profile against Blueprint  – Example Outputs:-
      • Success Factors for Customer Service with Leadership/Learning/Communication Styles – click here
      • Heat Map (including incumbent team) – click here
      • Team ‘Fit’ (including incumbent team)- click here

One Blueprint Multiple Applications..

  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Needs Analysis
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity
  • Identification of Retention ‘hot-spots’
  • Understand People Risk
  • Measure Distance travelled
  • Career Management
  • Appraisals/Performance Improvement/PDP
  • Manpower Manning

Understand Cause rather than Effect

Axiometrics – Why is it Different?

Axiometrics® is underpinned by Value Science and is highly accurate. It adds substantial insight to competency assessment and measurement because it establishes the valuing/decision-making structure of the individual (or team). It is these values which drive our behaviours – so Axiometrics® establishes the “cause”. Participants only need to take a 15 minute online thinking exercise which is entirely objective (and is therefore not open to the bias and subjectivity of questionnaires or self-reporting based assessments).To find out how Axiometrics® can accurately give a more in depth and therefore much richer picture, click here.

What are we measuring?

  • Thinking Clarity/Decision-making vs. Behaviour
  • Values and valuing (‘Structure of Thought’) vs. Personality
  • Future capacity vs. Past performance

Catapult Solutions Ltd is unique in the UK, not only because of Axiometrics® International’s technology that has been developed to allow the generation of enhanced Axiology based reports, but also because of a systems approach to human development. 

Our solutions encourage common language, are data driven, and employ state of the art technology that ensures all information is maintained and correlated in centralised databases. The user only has to take the online thinking exercise once, and currently more than 90 reports can be produced to serve multiple functions (i.e. screening, development, team dynamics) while also supporting multiple applications (i.e. leadership, sales, customer service, management). Our products and services address the needs of individuals as well as all types of businesses and organisations.


What Is Being Measured?

Wide portfolio of reports

Over 90 different reports can be generated from a single 15 minute thinking excercise across:

Some of the ‘lighter’ reports are standalone and do not require feedback from a Certified Axiological Analyst.