Right Values – How we work


Most organisations would be able to point to a list of core values that they believe define the way they work. For many organisations though, there is no way of knowing the extent to which your people see these values in the same way that you do; no way of knowing if they hold these values themselves and no way of knowing how these values drive their thinking and actions on a daily basis in their roles.

2016 ComparitiveUsing our unique values- based benchmarking service based on the work of Nobel-Prize nominated Research Philosopher Dr. Robert S. Hartman, we work with our clients to define, measure and develop ‘good’ values, thinking and action for your organisation. To find out why you should choose our approach over psychometrics, click here.

Defining current and required and desired future state

By co-creating a values-based benchmark of what ‘good’ looks like for your organisation, we are able to create a bespoke set of values, competencies and attitudes for an organisation, team or role that will ensure the people you recruit and employ are aligned to your values and have the competencies and attitudes that will deliver success as you define it. Using Axiometrics profiling we are then able to determine the extent to which potential and existing employees have the capacity to deliver ‘good’ for you.


Analysis and Consultancy

The resulting data provide unique insight into the strengths and risks to delivering ‘good’ and a robust foundation from which to work with clients to deliver interventions that bridge the gap and create a culture that enables people and organisation performance.



Over time, we work with you to track improvements and changes in value thinking, decision-making and action to help further inform recruitment and development priorities