Right Risk


Successfully managing risk is about coping with uncertainty – it also helps to be fully aware of the environment in which a business is operating. External uncertainty may be countered by being prepared to respond quickly to events outside an organisation’s control and then exploiting the resulting opportunities. Conversely, Internal uncertainty – too often taken for granted by managers (understandably perhaps distracted by a focus on business outcomes and their bottom-line) – may have an equally significant impact on performance but is very much within their control. If only they knew where to look!



With the ‘Right’ Culture, ‘Right’ Values and ‘Right’ People how much ‘Bad’ Risk could you mitigate?

Whilst some emerging technologies might be able to offer partial remediation against staff ‘making the wrong choices’, these are, currently, expensive, unreliable and after-the-event. Only by properly equipping managers at all levels with the right tools to reduce an organisation’s people risk will this rogue, insider, staff challenge be met. Taking a value-science approach to internal business intelligence and applying axiometric-based profiling within a business, gives executives a uniquely rich insight into an organisation’s human capital capacities and vulnerabilities. Rapid to deploy – taking only a small fraction of the time required by comparable techniques – reliable and ungameable; the Catapult Solutions range of people-risk management services deliver remarkable, actionable, insights for all managers in multi-employee businesses.

Source: UK Government’s Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) Insider-Data-Collection-Study (April 2013), Clearswift


Of threats are 'Insider' & come from employees, ex-employees & partners


Insiders join a business without the intent to do harm


Insiders demonstrating poor-judgement from the start of employment


Insiders are management or senior management

Inaction maybe risky

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