Our Approach – Why is what we do different?


Catapult believe that every client engagement should lead to lasting, measurable, performance improvement – and that what we do collectively should result in significant benefit to both the individual and the company. To measure that improvement, and to keep developing skills, we gather data so that all parties can establish and agree the “current condition” and the transition path to acquiring new skills or developing existing ones. By getting everyone’s “buy in” ….the person (or team), the manager, the company, the coach……we deliver high success rates – because everyone is informed, engaged and committed to achieving and recognising the end goal. Simply put, you wouldn’t get in a car without first establishing your destination and the journey in between.

Value Science

Going beyond personality and behaviour, our work has its foundations in Value Science and the work of Nobel Prize-nominated Research Philosopher Dr Robert S Hartman. This enables a values based approach based on HOW we do things vs. what we do and provides clarity and understanding of individual, team and organisation capacity to respond effectively in a VUCA world. We use an innovative “Values” based approach via our strategic partnership with Axiometrics® Partners Europe Ltd (www.axiometricspartners.com) with whom we are Master Practitioners and are the preferred supplier in the UK.

Value Science adds substantial insight to competency assessment and measurement because it establishes the valuing/decision-making structure of the individual (or team) and it is these values which, in turn, drive our behaviours – so Axiometrics® establishes the “cause” resulting in analysis which is entirely objective, science-based and highly accurate. Whilst innovative to the UK, Axiometrics® is used extensively in the USA by companies including IBM, Merrill Lynch and NASA. (source: Axiometrics International)

Validity Studies

Axiometrics® Validity Studies Prepared by Axiometrics International Inc – click here