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Your Culture is the reason why people buy from you, supply to you, invest in you, join you, perform well for you and stay with you. Our aim is to help you create that culture by ensuring you have the Right Values, Right People and Right Risk.

Increasingly, we are living in a world that is volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous. In this environment, now more than ever values need to be a focus in business and governmental decisions. People and organisations require unprecedented flexibility and the capacity to adapt quickly to change. These attributes are directly related to the talent and decision-making capabilities of the individuals that make or break organisational success.

Using Research Philosopher and Nobel Prize-nominated Dr. Robert S. Hartman’s work in Value Science, and ‘Axiometrics’, the resulting precise and objective profiling tool as a foundation for our approach, we work with organisations, teams and individuals to define, analyse and develop:

Source: Harvest Business Review, SmartCEO


More £ to recruit if poor company reputation


Employees leave due to poor leadership Culture


Hiring Failures are a result of poor Cultural fit


Employee Engagement Stems from Cultural fit

On both a personal and professional level, I found the Axiometrics® process to be hugely fulfilling and a somewhat life changing event. Initial scepticism quickly gave way to incredulity as the results of the prioritisation assessment were revealed unearthing deep and unconscious thoughts, opinions and beliefs and, thereafter, opportunities. The results, and how I have used those results in my personal and professional development, have provided a very obvious and auditable foundation for my current employment and the manner in which I employ my people. I see huge utility for the Axiometrics® tool in the recruitment, development and retention of personnel across the Naval Service; I commend the philosophy unreservedly.

Phil Waterhouse

Commodore, Royal Navy

I employed Catapult Solutions to come into school to use the Axiometrics® profiling system on my management team. Over the last six years I had tried all sorts of profiles from good old Myers Briggs to transactional analysis but none really did what I wanted in a meaningful way with impact, however I have found Axiometrics®, which looks at the ‘values’ of individuals and how they form a team value profile, to be something of quite another order. From the profiling, the Senior Leadership Team has made a quantum leap in their development and this is having an enormous impact on the school.  I am now using Axiometrics® to recruit all my staff so that I can ensure that they are all aligned to my school’s values and that the team has all the qualities I need. This is an amazing tool and is already saving me time and money.  I recommend the process without qualification!

David Brazier

Head Teacher, St James Boys' School

Working as a health improvement specialist across supporting provision of 3 core services, across 3 different geographical settings; I found that behaviour change in a stable environment is tough enough, more so as we are increasingly operating amidst greater turbulence than ever before. The process is:

  • good that its simple enough to understand, and taps into a rich stream of information
  • better still its sophisticated enough to accommodate a holistic approach to managing people & their environment;
  • best of all it is a great way to tap into the often under-utilised capacity of individuals so that they can have fulfilling roles and be productive members of society.
Florence Labwo

Health Improvement Specialist, NHS Trust

Axiometrics® is an amazing tool to use with apprentices who are often not sure what direction they are taking in life and in their careers. It gives them the freedom to explore ‘who they want to be’ rather than ‘what they want to do’ and stops them from being labelled and pigeon holed so early in their lives. They are able to understand not only their strengths and what may be the blocks to their development but the Axiometrics® profile enables them to discover their latent potential. This is an immensely powerful tool for both personal and professional development at a critical time in their lives and I would recommend it wholeheartedly and unreservedly for young people.

Jill Cowles

Apprenticeship Strategic Development Council, North Somerset Council

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