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The Culture Challenge

More than ever, values are a focus in business and governmental decisions. As technology advances and the global economy continues to integrate cultures and ideas, organisations require unprecedented flexibility and the capacity to adapt quickly to change. In order to do this, they need a culture that embraces diversity, inclusivity and innovation.

Organisations will need to respond to changing compliance/ security/regulatory requirements (UK Bribery Act, GDPR, ISOs etc), changing economic, political and trading conditions at the same time as innovating to drive growth. However, as Jim Collins states in ‘From Good to Great’, ‘those who build great companies understand that the ultimate throttle on growth for any great company is not markets, or technology, or competition, or products. It is one thing above all others; the ability to get and keep enough of the right people’.

Addressing these challenges in isolation reinforces a ‘silo’ or ‘stovepipe’ mentality where the tendency to react and see these issues as problems to be solved vs. creating the right culture for growth may prevent rather than enable businesses and their employees to thrive. Uniquely, taken over time, CatapultCulture actually ‘measures’ culture and may be used as a key performance metric that defines ‘success’ (or otherwise) for any given Change initiative.


Addressing the Culture Challenge

When addressing these challenges, organisations often talk about providing more training and more regulation.

We believe that, in the complex and ever-changing global economy in which we all operate, a simpler, accurate and more usefully insightful approach is needed to truly prepare businesses and people for future success. To deliver the best outcomes, the team’s values need to match those of the organisation. Catapult’s Culture product provides a rich and effective team and individual profiling service that provides profound insights into the capacity of an organisation’s people to deliver the organisation purpose and values.

Our approach is ‘tuned’ to reflect the unique nature of a business so that managers and executives can ensure that the ‘right’ people have the ‘right’ values and are in the ‘right’ seats.


What is CatapultCulture?

CatapultCulture is an internal business intelligence tool-set and suite of performance improvement capabilities that reveal the thinking behind decisions at the individual, team and organisational levels.

Additionally adept at identifying key people risks, CatapultCulture is an efficient, rapidly delivered, accurate, reliable, repeatable, affordable and un-gameable product-set delivering solutions targeted to the uniqueness of each organisation.

Underpinned by Axiometrics® profiling, CatapultCulture has been developed from the value science work of Nobel-nominated, Dr Robert S. Hartman. It enables us to identify the internal valuing system and associated thinking patterns that influence our attitudes, decisions and consequent actions; it determines why, based on our values, we do what we do.

Unlike many profiling tools, it does not attempt to classify people into categories or types but instead provides a unique individual profile derived from 6.4 quadrillion possible response permutations.

Axiometrics® profiling is now widely used to measure and assess the qualities and risk attributes of individuals, teams and organisations across the world. It is seen as complementary to other approaches used in human resource management such as those delivered by psychologists, anthropologists, vetting services and neuro-scientists.

What does CatapultCulture do?

We work with organisations to create a unique benchmark at organisation, department, team or role level that defines ‘good’ for that business that creates a team map to see where the strengths and risks are in the organisation. The view offers an easy-to-interpret ‘heatmap’ that describes, individually and collectively, the team’s attributes, alignment with business values and highlights intervention opportunities to optimise team performance.

The map additionally offers a rich risk insight which, offers a unique means of demonstrating compliance with industry standards. As a recruitment tool, the heat map allows recruiting managers to see which potential employees would be a good fit for the organisation values and those who would pose a risk. Individual reports and feedback provide managers with deeper candidate knowledge to help onboard, performance manage and develop their people.

How is CatapultCulture delivered?

CatapultCulture is based on a 20-minute, online statement-ordering exercise undertaken by designated staff. It is non-invasive, ethically robust and demonstrably reliable. It:

  • Identifies how we make sense of our experiences and, consequently, how we are likely to behave
  • Makes no attempt to classify or categorise individuals
  • Is based on a single Universal Norm – and emphatically not one ‘created’ to validate a result
  • Does not discriminate for age, gender, creed or culture (and is validated by the EEOC)
  • Is able to predict future performance based on current attributes relative to a defined environment

Value added by CatapultCulture:

CatapultCulture services ensure that organisations have objective and accurate people metrics to more simply and cost-effectively:

  • Define the culture, values, attitudes and competencies needed to be successful
  • Measure employees’ capacity at all levels to deliver the performance that will drive organisation success
  • Monitor internal culture and the effect that culture may have on employees’ ability to perform for (or against) the best interests of the organisation
  • Identify issues with internal culture that impede business and individual performance
  • Provide targeted and effective personal and professional development
  • Communicate and manage people against an agreed definition of ‘good’
  • Adapt and fine-tune performance improvement strategies over time
  • Track performance changes over time
  • Attract the right people to your talent pipeline
  • Recruit and retain the right people in the right seats
  • Identify ‘Insider risk’ – the three types of insider thinking that lead to rogue behaviour: Knowledge Gap, Malicious Intent, Misaligned Values
  • Identify risk, performance improvement and alignment to values and ethics in the supply chain

Outputs from the online assessment are presented in a range of reports and used as a foundation for one-to-one feedback, team dynamic workshops, coaching and learning need analysis – all delivered by qualified and experienced analysts, coaches and facilitators.



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