Right Risk – Services


Catapult’s services drive performance improvements that are tailored to your specific requirements, scalable and flexible in their delivery – including:


  • 20160919-right-risk-lockEnabling CISOs to mitigate people-risk and lead their teams in a crisisplease click here
  • Measuring and developing a healthy culture – benchmarking, workshops, consultancy and coaching to support the development of an enabling culture in your organisation to drive people and business performance
  • Onboarding and retaining ‘good’ talentplease click here
  • Co-creating the future in a VUCA world – workshops combined with Axiometrics profiling to enable your people and organisation to survive and thrive in a VUCA world …please click here
  • Competency Diagnostic Days and 1:1 Feedback – to identify decision making capability/values and development requirements in the context of  roles and responsibilities
  • Understanding Team Dynamics and Development – increased productivity, enhanced efficiency and improved team harmony are all benefits of developing team dynamics.
  • Executive and Leadership Coaching – tailored programmes and, where appropriate, the 10 step MasterMind Executive Coaching Programme (™ Executive Coaching University) for strategic results….please click here
  • Developing and Enhancing a Coaching Culture – deliver or support a coaching culture for organisations looking to accelerate their recovery and continued growth
  • Training and Workshop Programs – where an interactive, collegiate, approach is required to achieve strong group understanding and actions
  • Mentoring/Coaching Programs – 1:1 or Team; Face-to-Face, Telephone, Online or Video – to deliver sustained behavioural change and personal performance development
  • Axiometrics™ Profiling – accurately and objectively enables us to identify the internal valuing system/”thinking patterns” that influences our perceptions (attitudes), decisions and actions, basically “Why” we do what we do…please click here




Creating a benchmark for a healthy culture –

Step 1 of building a healthy culture with the ‘right’ risk is to create a values-based benchmark that defines who you need your people to be.

Step 2 involves your employees and/or potential employees taking the 15 minute online profile.

Step 3 maps their values, competencies and attitudes against your bespoke benchmark.

Step 4 involves us helping you identify the developments and learning interventions (above) needed to align people and culture.







Individual feedback –

Individual reports will highlight the strengths and risks in each individual’s value thinking that will have an impact on their ability to perform in your organisation at this time. We are also able to define preferred learning, communication and leadership style – all enabling you to target development to individuals more precisely and, therefore, effectively.





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 Group view –

Individual outputs are entered into a group view to help identify areas of risk across the team, department or organisation. Patterns and trends can be identified where environmental factors may be contributing to high risk behaviour. The exercise can be repeated to track improvement over time.