Right Risk – How we work


We work with organisations and leaders concerned with ethically managing risk in their organisations. However, not all risk is negative. A degree of risk is necessary for innovation and all organisations need creative thinkers if they are to succeed in the Volatile, Unpredictable, Complex and Ambiguous world in which we operate. Understanding the right level of risk and identifying those who are likely to pose a risk to your organisation’s success and reputation is where we can help.


Why is what we do different?


Using Axiometrics™ profiling we offer organisations the ability to monitor their internal culture and the effect that culture may have on their employees’ ability to perform for or against the best interests of the organisation leading respectively to positive growth or potential financial and reputational loss. To find out more about why you should choose Axiometrics over psychometrics, click here.



Measuring Capacities: Axiometrics provides a clear, precise measure of the degree to which a person is susceptible to making a bad decision. This risk can be of three kinds.

  • a lack of capacity to effectively make decisions, that is, to identify problems, alternatives, and solutions.
  • the risk of making poor judgments more often than good ones.
  • the lack of capacity to translate values and beliefs into action.

The Measurement Outcomes: The dimensions of ethics measured correspond to the three axiological dimensions. Axiometrics™ measures the degree of similarity individuals in the organisation display with regard to their attention to and clarity of the following variables:

Intrinsically: ability to see oneself as capable of both good and bad, ability to weigh both good and bad and see good as better, ability to identify oneself with and commit oneself to the good,

Extrinsically: ability to take responsibility for the good in others, ability to take the actions required to achieve good results, ability to sense an obligation to take good action

Systemically: ability to respect rules and codes, ability to determine good code from bad, ability to clearly understand moral code.