Our Values


Dr Robert Hartman showed us that there are not just one, but three dimensions of value. Using our unique Value Benchmarking approach, our organisational values are:



  • Enjoy what we do every day and help others to do the same.
  • Deliver unique bespoke solutions.
  • Be honest and open at all times, seeking to build long-term relationships, based on trust and confidence.
  • Respect and protect the uniqueness of individuals and organisations.
  • Be passionate and personally involved in promoting the science of axiology, preserving the integrity of Robert Hartman and Wayne Carpenter’s work.


  • Provide in a timely and effective way solutions tailored to our clients needs.
  • Deliver solutions that provide tangible results and genuine competitive advantage.
  • Respect our clients and their employees, working closely with them to ensure that the Axiometrics® Profile is applied responsibly for the benefit of  the company and the individual..


  • Be driven by, and responsive to, the needs of our clients and business partners, to ensure that they achieve their ambitions.
  • Strive for continuous improvement and development.
  • Be conscious of our impact on the environment and seek to operate to high standards of environmental sustainability.