CatapultInnovationAccelerator – Improve your Innovation Leadership and Team Innovative Problem Solving

What does Catapult Innovation Accelerator do?

We reveal the thinking behind innovation at individual, team and organisational levels. Underpinned by Axiometric profiling, Catapult Innovation Accelerator has been developed from the value science work of Nobel- nominated, Dr Robert S. Hartman. It enables us to identify the internal valuing system and associated thinking patterns that influence our attitudes, decisions and consequent actions; it determines why, based on our values, we do what we do.

Unlike many profiling tools it does not attempt to classify people into categories or types but instead provides a unique individual profile derived from 6.4 quadrillion possible response permutations. We provide analysis from two different types of Axiometrics Innovation reports

  1. Innovation Leadership
  2. Innovative Problem Solving

For Leaders

The Axiometrics Innovation Leadership report identifies 30 specific primary and secondary strengths and development areas across the three areas of focus necessary for effective Innovation Leadership.

For Teams

The Axiometrics Innovative Problem Solving report accurately identify strengths and development needs in 61 important skill areas across four phases of effective problem solving.


How is Catapult Innovation Accelerator Delivered?

It is based on a 15-minute, on-line statement- ordering exercise undertaken by designated staff. It is non- invasive, ethically robust and demonstrably reliable. It:

  • Identifies how we make sense of our experiences and, consequently, how we are likely to behave
  • Makes no attempt to classify or categorise individuals
  • Is based on a single Universal Norm – and emphatically not one ‘created’ to validate a result
  • Does not discriminate for age, gender, creed or culture (and is validated by the EEOC)
  • Is able to predict future performance based on current attributes relative to a defined environment

Outputs from the online assessment are presented in a

  1. Innovation Leadership Report
  2. Innovative Problem Solving Report

These are used as a foundation for one-to-one feedback. We can produce further aggregated heatmap reports for teams.

We can run team dynamic workshops, learning need analysis and one-to-one coaching.  – all delivered by Catapult Solitons’ qualified and experienced analysts, coaches and facilitators.


Innovation Leadership…

We provide accurate reports and assessment for your leaders under that who the strengths and development are s in a wide range of competences that are necessary for the 3 keys area of Innovation Leadership.

  1. Creativity: The ability to be open to new options and ideas and to be willing to apply an inventive optimism to problems and challenges that move a group forward.
  2. Leadership: The ability to make decisions while promoting the freedom of others, motivating them to take risks and be accountable for achieving the common mission.
  3. Strategy: The ability to think into the future and decide proactively, setting challenging goals infused with a strong sense of purpose and priorities.

Innovative Problem Solving

We provide accurate reports and assessment for your team under that who the strengths and development are assessed in a wide range of competences that are necessary for the 4 stages of Innovative problem solving:

  1. Problem Definition: Figuring out the problem to work on, collecting facts, identifying key facts, generating related problem statements, and collecting the best problem statement to meet goals.
  2. Solution Finding: Looking at the problem from different points of view, generating a wide range of possible solutions, selecting solutions based on specific criteria.
  3. Implementation: Translating solutions into action steps which include selling and getting approvals for solutions, testing, measuring and fully implementing the solutions, making adaptations as required.
  4. Teamwork: Using and contributing diverse perspectives, assisting one another to be more effective problem solvers, building individual and team strength while recognizing and affirming both contribution and success.


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