Right Career – How we work

We work with individuals who are looking to optimise their opportunity of finding the right role or career for them at this point in time. While academic qualifications and technical skills are important, it is the ‘softer’ skills that employers are looking for when identifying whether someone is a fit for their organisation.

We can assess your own unique valuing system and thinking process and how that translates into your ability to perform across a range of employability skills and competencies. Value Science defines competency as the level of a person’s Talent, Access, Attitude and Skill when applied to their specific job role. These values define our capacity to do a job well and our ability to access the talents required. To find out more about why you should choose Axiometrics over psychometrics, click here.



Why is what we do different?

Most career assessment tools require self-reporting – asking you to agree/disagree or describe frequency or likelihood of reacting according to the statement. Such tests measure personality or behaviour. The results can be interesting but rely on a degree of self knowledge and/or honesty to be accurate. Using Axiometrics allows us to measure the valuing or thinking patterns that sit beneath the judgements you make about yourself, others and the world around you.


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Once we have established these strengths and vulnerabilities we will also be able to advise you of your key development points; this will give you a unique insight into where you can develop and learn to be different and to improve your prospects and understand yourself and others better.