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Team Dynamics

The possibility of bad decisions is rooted in our strength and vulnerability as decision makers. The strength lies in our ability to focus on a situation or problem, to interpret what is happening, to come to a conclusion and to translate the decision into action. This decision process reflects a host of abilities: the ability to see a pattern; to see how the parts fit together to make a whole; the ability to have insight into fruitful ways of getting things done; to see the potential of the situation, which may or may not be apparent on the surface; to understand “why” even when the understanding is only a hunch; and the ability to marshal our ideas, talents, will, and sense of purpose into action.

Our vulnerability arises from one of our greatest assets – our uniqueness as individuals. We see the world from our own perspective, based on what we believe is important. We pay attention to some things and leave others out. We see in different ways, using different tools. We often see the same things differently, because our decisions are uniquely our own and are based on our interpretations of what we perceive. However, these interpretations can differ. They can collide with those of others and they can be inaccurate.

The “Team Dynamics Profile” provides team members with insights about themselves and about how they can work more effectively with the other members on their team. Going beyond personality or behavioral ‘types’/’preferences’ (although this can be useful information), Axiometrics® gives you a clear indicator as to the quality of individual and team decision-making talent, as it is a team’s collective ability to make ‘good’ decisions and take the ‘right’ action where success is predicated. The “Profile” includes information on individual and the collective team’s strengths and potential blocks for:

Our simple process…

Understanding and Improving Team Capability

Axiometrics® also gives information on the:

  • Abilities People Can Best Rely On
  • Tendencies People Need To Watch Out For

And it provides feedback on how you are most similar and different from other team members.

Using this “Team Profile” as the key to your team development will prepare team members to work together in more positive, accepting, supportive and goal directed ways. 

Through understanding the ‘decision-making’ talent that  teams have in an organisation’s unique environment you are best placed to develop that talent to achieve an organisation’s objectives.

Axiometrics® does not just tell us the ‘part’ each team member may play (or not) but the quality, focus and untapped potential of decision-making ability within the team which will lead to goal achievement or not.

Where each team member is a colour, imagine if you knew the following: