Some Nice Words..

On both a personal and professional level, I found the Axiometrics® process to be hugely fulfilling and a somewhat life changing event. Initial scepticism quickly gave way to incredulity as the results of the prioritisation assessment were revealed unearthing deep and unconscious thoughts, opinions and beliefs and, thereafter, opportunities. The results, and how I have used those results in my personal and professional development, have provided a very obvious and auditable foundation for my current employment and the manner in which I employ my people. I see huge utility for the Axiometrics® tool in the recruitment, development and retention of personnel across the Naval Service; I commend the philosophy unreservedly.

Commodore Phil Waterhouse, Royal Navy

Axiometrics® is an amazing tool to use with apprentices who are often not sure what direction they are taking in life and in their careers. It gives them the freedom to explore ‘who they want to be’ rather than ‘what they want to do’ and stops them from being labelled and pigeon holed so early in their lives. They are able to understand not only their strengths and what may be the blocks to their development but the Axiometrics® profile enables them to discover their latent potential. This is an immensely powerful tool for both personal and professional development at a critical time in their lives and I would recommend it wholeheartedly and unreservedly for young people.

Apprenticeship Strategic Development Manager, North Somerset Council

Andrea is a fabulous and intuitive coach. Her knowledge of the Axiometrics methodology is incredibly detailed and she is able to add so much value as we stepped through the learnings from the test. I will miss my coaching sessions with her as she helped me learn things about myself that I was not aware of and supported me in creating a clear growth plan for myself. I will be back for more, thank you for those wonderful insightful sessions.

Manager Consumer Service Delivery EMEA, Microsoft Corporation

Although one tool amongst several identified, the students have found the Axiometrics® process intriguing, frustrating and puzzling as it goes beyond the individual’s self-perception to the core of what is actually happening. It provides a more accurate picture of where they are in their working environment as opposed to where they thought they were. This in turn helps them reflect on their circumstances more fully and provides a stronger foundation for self-development.

FET Professional and Workforce Development Director, University of the West of England

Axiometrics®  has provided real insight into the way I actually think and apply myself to both work and personal life. The output was comprehensive, challenged self-perception and provided an alarmingly accurate insight into several key areas of behaviour and performance. These I have now been able to explicitly identify as being characteristics that I can draw confidence from and use as a platform to address areas of weakness and opportunities for change and improvement. 

The process was simple and accessible and differed substantially from previously conducted psychometric tests in that the values-based approach, characterised by the format of the thinking exercise, was far less confusing as there was no apparent conflict in trying to reason the responses in relation to each other. 

Extending the exercise across my team within Deep-Secure is an activity which I am now looking to explore as I appreciate the value of the Axiometric approach and the impact it can have on improving self-awareness in the context of a team dynamic to optimise both business performance and personal satisfaction.

Robin King, CEO, Deep Secure

Axiometrics®  has provided us with insight to issues that we had not recognised and since then we have started to see good results from the coaching and changes suggested. A worthwhile process that can give great results and from a company that has the ability to easily show potential and actual improvements in the working environment.

Project Manager, JAMES, MOD

Catapult Solutions have shown themselves to be first rate operators when it comes to coaching, counselling and management/leadership advice. Since my personal Axiometrics® Profile session, I have used much of the advice given to excellent effect – I only wish that I had been in receipt of their counsel a lot earlier in my career. In addition, I know that the organisation I work for has benefitted from their advice and counsel as a collective. All in all, excellent! I recommend them unreservedly.

Project Manager, MJDI, MOD

It was strongly recommended for me to carry out an Axiometrics® profile. Leaving HM Forces after 24 years, I was unsure in which direction to go with my future career. Axiometrics® profiling informed and reinforced my decision making process and highlighted areas where I could improve to ensure success. I left the session motivated and with a clear personal direction.

Military Leaver, 24 years service

I was fortunate enough to go through Axiometrics® with Andrea a few months ago.  I’ve been through many psychometric tests in my corporate life…and was frustrated about being “pigeon holed”. Axiometrics® measurement was astonishingly accurate, and the number of variables allows you to be unique.  The outcome was simple to understand, exceptionally well explained, and there are many tools to assist you in resolving any areas that you’d like to work on.  Following the feedback session, the tool has fundamentally changed my business approach and strategy.  It has allowed me to identify areas of strength and areas of development, gives me actions to work on, and identifies gaps in my organisation. I am now clearer on my objectives, I have a plan, and I am continually reviewing my progress against this plan.  It’s rapidly become the key to my business success.

Steve Hewitt, Founder, Profitunity Ltd

I employed Catapult Solutions to come into school to use the Axiometrics® profiling system on my management team. Over the last six years I had tried all sorts of profiles from good old Myers Briggs to transactional analysis but none really did what I wanted in a meaningful way with impact, however I have found Axiometrics®, which looks at the ‘values’ of individuals and how they form a team value profile, to be something of quite another order. 

From the profiling, the Senior Leadership Team has made a quantum leap in their development and this is having an enormous impact on the school.  I am now using Axiometrics® to recruit all my staff so that I can ensure that they are all aligned to my school’s values and that the team has all the qualities I need. This is an amazing tool and is already saving me time and money.

I recommend the process without qualification!

David Brazier, Head Teacher, Long Close School, Cognita Group

Working as a health improvement specialist across supporting provision of 3 core services, across 3 different geographical settings; I found that behaviour change in a stable environment is tough enough, more so as we e are increasingly operating amidst greater turbulence than ever before.

The process is:

  • good that its simple enough to understand, and taps into a rich stream of information
  • better still its sophisticated enough to accommodate a holistic approach to managing people & their environment;
  • best of all it is a great way to tap into the often under-utilised capacity of individuals so that they can have fulfilling roles and be productive members of society
Florence Labwo, Health Improvement Specialist, NHS Trust

CatapultOn-board allowed me to understand the needs of the new Head of Department and how we could transition her smoothly into the department to ensure that she prospered and succeeded. Using CatapultOn-board allowed us to agree success criteria for her first year in-post and provided a full understanding of how she could add value to the organisation. It also allowed her line manager an insight into her communications and learning styles and the way he needed to support and empower her.

CEO, Education Industry

My senior leadership team were all fairly new to role or new to the school, I felt that this process was a good way to establish a better understanding of team dynamics as well as having a more understanding of individual strengths.

Each member of the SLT completed an online questionnaire before individual reports were generated. Following on from the reports, each member of staff were given extensive feedback on the outcomes. Discussing with my team, they were all pretty accurate!

Lizzie then came to our school to work with SLT to support our ‘discoveries’ and how best to utilise our strengths and areas of support in advantageous ways to providing a more efficient way of collaboration as an effective leadership team.

As a school, we will always be reviewing and devising strategies and often I will refer back to the Axiometrics® diagnostics for support of clarification.

As a school, we have found this a useful process in being aware of each other’s attributes. This could be a great tool to use for recruitment within Senior Leadership appointments!

Headteacher, Staines Preparatory School

Axiometrics™ is great for onboarding and recruitment, having done it prior to starting at GOSH it has been really helpful.

General Manager, NHS Trust

I have recently taken part in an Axiometrics® profile. I found it has given me a great insight in to my values with people, tasks and the way I think. I was a little sceptical at first, but after reading the profile I was shocked at how accurate it was to myself. It helped bring to light, areas in my life that I would like to improve on. Before taking the profile I had a vague idea about myself but that was nothing compared to now. I feel motivated and focused to utilise my strengths and I am looking to progress in both the workplace and my personal life.

Contracts & Commissioning Team (former apprentice), North Somerset Council

Axiometrics® is a brilliant profiling tool that was really quick and easy to use. The results were fascinating, surprisingly accurate and overall helped raise my self-awareness. I discovered why I perform the way I do, giving me insight to my areas of strength which was reassuring to hear and helped me understand the areas I need to improve. So for my development, I now know my main areas of focus. I gained most from the feedback and coaching that followed from the highly skilled Axiometrics® Analyst. It has provided me with real insight into the way I think and apply myself, on both a personal and professional level. I’d highly recommend Axiometrics® to anyone looking to better themselves and found the whole process hugely fulfilling

Anna Falconer, Senior Manager, Capability, International Sports Event - Baku 2015

Catapult Solutions have been a valuable asset to our business over the last year. They are experts in their field and are warm and approachable. They have been the starting point of much development within my company, and have helped move our business forwards. I am proud to consider them friends and business mentors

Managing Director, Fitness Industry

Having an Axiometrics® profile has been really beneficial for me. It has helped me to have a deeper understanding of my values and my view on both the world and myself. Now that I understand who I am and the things that I value, I can make decisions more clearly based on my values and ideals. The profile also provided me with plenty of tips that I can use to help strengthen the areas where I have vulnerabilities. The profile was scarily accurate and reinforced what I am good at and areas that I would like to improve.

Jake Murphy, GIS Data Officer (former apprentice) , North Somerset Council

 It has been a useful tool to support the development of our team and also provides an excellent framework for managing your own self development. It’s easy, quick and scarily accurate!

General Manager, NHS Trust

Andrea Burns suggested earlier on this year, that I participate in creating a personal profile through Axiometrics® career pathfinder, which would open my eyes to my individual potential and talents and possible help give me direction for the future. The profile that Andrea created many useful features:

  • How I communicate, make decisions and learning style
  • How I organise my thinking and emotions
  • Strengths and Vulnerabilities
  • Putting into perspective the correct working environment for me
  • How my findings could lead to a possible career path
  • Choices I can make that will help me reach my full potential

After ranking two sets of 18 statements (which was fun, rather than feeling like an intelligence test!) Andrea created a personal profile booklet which has enlightened me into exploring my ideas becoming fully focused and targeting strongly where I excel in work. Through our meeting, I have succeeded in trying harder through my GCSEs and deciding what I can do next to make me stronger and successful.

It was an eye opening experience that has made me feel more self-aware; it has really helped me identify my strengths and blocks and given me a feel for how I work best, and how I can take my learning to a higher level. The process has given me more confidence, self belief, direction and insight into how I work best.

Throughout the course, Andrea was really friendly and professional. She filled me with a positive mindset, I felt like she understood me, the process has made me believe that any future is possible. I feel really focused, enthusiastic and determined to do well.

Nell Dixon, Year 11, Shaftesbury School

During my 32 year career with the armed forces I have used many tools and frameworks to aid my personal development journey and that of the teams to which I have belonged. In preparing for my next career I have used Axiometrics which far exceeds every other tool that I’ve utilised. Catapult Solutions has offered me a penetrating insight and incisive articulation of my valuing and thinking styles. Armed with this high level of self awareness and my own personal drivers, I am informed and reinvigorated on how I might achieve the best professional and cultural fit as I move ahead to my next career. The Axiometrics® profile and Catapult Solutions experience has constructively, supportively and excellently provided a logical and sound foundation for me as I transition to a new role outside the military.

Captain Alistair Willis MA BA, Royal Navy

Catapult does what it says on the tin! Professional and Innovative, they are both challenging and supportive and I can personally say that even though the process is not yet over for us, the journey is insightful and the prognosis inspirational! I’d highly recommend Catapult for any individual or business whose looking to drive results forward to the next level.

Operations Director, FTSE 250 Company

Useful for how we can work better as a team, understand how each other works and has helped to identify our strengths and weaknesses.

General Manager, NHS Trust