Customer Service Employability Guide


This 12-page report provides an analysis of the strengths and development areas across 30 proof points under the below six competence areas to help you discover if you have the right talent for a customer service role:

  • Relating With Others – Measures the ability to see, understand and relate with customers in an objective, unbiased manner.
  • Communicating With Others- Measures the ability to listen to customers, evaluate what is important and respond effectively.
  • Handling Customer Rejection – Measures the ability to maintain a strong sense of inner self-worth regardless of circumstances.
  • Job-Related Attitudes – Measures the ability to work within the organizational guidelines, policies and procedures to get things done.
  • Problem Solving Capacity – Measures the ability to identify potential customer problems and generate effective solutions.
  • Personal Work Attitudes – Measures the ability to feel a sense of purpose and satisfaction in one’s work.

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Prepare for a customer service job interview or identify your strengths to see if a customer service role is right for you. Includes personalised interview notes and potential interview questions. Click to read more . . .


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