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Increasingly, we are living in a world that is volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous. Now more than ever values need to be a focus in business and governmental decisions. People and organisations require unprecedented flexibility and the capacity to adapt quickly to change. These attributes are directly related to the talent and decision-making capabilities of the individuals that make or break organisational success.

Getting ahead of the wave or wiped out in the breakers?

It is no longer a world of boom followed by bust but a world of constant change and turbulence. The ‘VUCA’ world –

  • Volatile = Fast change without a clear predictable trend or pattern
  • Uncertain  = Frequently disruptive changes; past is not a predictor of the future
  • Complex  = Multiple, interdependent causes
  • Ambiguous = Little clarity about what is ‘real’ or ‘true’

All this makes entrepreneurial leadership challenging because of the need to constantly react to changing circumstances – whether it’s new legislation and compliance, headcount cuts and re-organisation, technological innovations – or simply dealing with daily crises that seem to arise out of nowhere (or simply the **** hitting the fan!)

Instinctively you know what’s needed –  staying ahead of your competitors, innovating, building your business, driving your vision forward, looking after your people –, yet the time to focus on these just doesn’t seem to be there.

The VUCA world is here to stay. This ‘turbulent, “permanent white-water” world’ requires a different approach to driving performance and ensuring continued success.

Failure to adapt business and personal practice to ever-changing environmental factors has a potentially catastrophic impact on survival, cost and reputation. Knowing you are making good decisions and taking appropriate action is key to delivering the kind of leadership required in the 21st century.

How does a VUCA world impact your entrepreneurial effectiveness?

Having clarity about knowing what to do, how to do it, planning and organising, actually getting things done and working through your team to drive your organisation forward  all become vital in a VUCA world and challenging when the world around you is throwing up new obstacles all the time. This requires a new understanding of what is stopping you from making effective decisions as an entrepreneur AND taking the best course of action for now and the future.

‘Organisations that are successful in a VUCA world are very clear about where they are going, yet very flexible about how they get there’

Bob Johansen, ‘Leaders Make the Future’

Are you ready to CatapultEntrepreneur?

At Catapult Solutions we understand these challenges and have a range of tools and interventions that enable leaders to operate effectively in this new paradigm so that:

  • Volatility yields to Vision
  • Uncertainty yields to Understanding
  • Complexity yields to Clarity
  • Ambiguity yields to Agility

CatapultEntrepreneur is underpinned by Axiometrics® profiling which was developed from the value science work of the Nobel-nominated Dr Robert S. Hartman. It enables us to identify the internal valuing system and associated thinking patterns that influence our attitudes, decisions and consequent actions; it determines why we do what we do.

After more than 40 years of development, Axiometrics® scientists have refined Hartman’s mathematical modelling to measure real-life variables with remarkable accuracy and precision.

What does CatapultEntrepreneur do?

‘Catapult Solutions have been a valuable asset to our business over the last year. They are experts in their field and are warm and approachable. They have been the starting point of much development within my company, and have helped move our business forwards. I am proud to consider them friends and business mentors’

Managing Director, Fitness Industry


’Catapult does what it says on the tin! Professional and Innovative, they are both challenging and supportive and I can personally say that even though the process is not yet over for us, the journey is insightful and the prognosis inspirational! I’d highly recommend Catapult for any individual or business whose looking to drive results forward to the next level’

Operations Director, FTSE 250 Company


‘Axiometrics is a brilliant profiling tool that was really quick and easy to use. The results were fascinating, surprisingly accurate and overall helped raise my self-awareness. I discovered why I perform the way I do, giving me insight to my areas of strength and helped me understand the areas I need to improve. … It has provided me with real insight into the way I think and apply myself, on both a personal and professional level.’

Senior Manager, International Sports Event

How is CatapultEntrepreneur delivered?

CatapultEntrepreneur is based on a simple, 15-minute, online statement-ordering exercise undertaken by designated staff. It is non-invasive and has the following characteristics:

  • Identifies how we make sense of our experiences and, consequently, how we are likely to behave
  • Makes no attempt to classify or categorise individuals
  • Is based on a single Universal Norm – and emphatically not one ‘created’ to validate a result
  • Does not discriminate for age, gender, creed or culture and is validated by the EEOC in the US
  • Is able to predict future performance based on current attributes relative to a defined environment


And provides the foundation for:

  • 1 x feedback session on your current decision-making and ability to take action
  • 6 x coaching sessions that set the direction and actions needed to steer you and your organisation forward

Feedback and coaching sessions are delivered by qualified and experienced Axiometrics® Analysts, facilitators and coaches.

What value is added?


  • Competitive advantage
  • Client satisfaction
  • Effective Decision-making capability
  • ‘Good’ retention
  • Innovation
  • Productivity
  • Profitability
  • Sales


The organisations that used CatapultEntrepreneur found they had also:

  • Identified individual leadership needs to drive better business outcomes
  • Produced a rich description  of the strengths and vulnerabilities of individuals and groups
  • Developed an understanding of how and why people do the things they do
  • Improved confidence and focus at an individual level
  • Gained clarity about roles in the team
  • Nurtured greater mutual respect and efficiency
  • Illustrated improved access to thinking strategies  that enhanced individual performance

What does CatapultEntrepreneur  Cost?

Pricing is based on a simple cost per user model and can be easily tailored to your particular business scenario.  Report charges can be supported by a simple fees model for coaching/consultancy resources to support you along the way.



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