Sales Style Analysis


This report provides an analysis of your strengths and development areas in:

  • Prospecting – the initial thrust into new territories and requires that we recognize and ignore “suspects” while continuously probing to find “Prospects” — potential clients. It is a crucial stage for qualifying, establishing relationships, gaining an early understanding of prospect intent, ability to purchase, needs, preferences and purchasing habits.
  • Preparation – marks the next stage, where preliminary data-gathering has ended and the task of in-depth analysis and research applies. Prospects’ needs are defined with further clarity, issues are crystallized, alternatives are weighed, key decision points are decided and plans are developed for the presentation of products, services, prices, logistics, warranties and support.
  • Presentation – is the decision stage, where objections arise and are overcome. Final commitments are made and communications can be most intense. It is here where one’s communications skills can serve as a pathway for picking up clues not before revealed, and can enable one to close at the right moment, forming a strong bond with the client.
  • Preservation – tests our abilities to nurture the client, to meet unforeseen needs in flexible, effective and efficient ways. It requires the salesperson to understand tendencies to spend too much, too little or the right amount of energy taking care of ongoing needs, and cross-selling or up-selling when possible.

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This report reveals your preferred style for selling.   Understanding your natural talents and attending to your development will increase your chances of success. Gain detailed insights into 4 key sales competence areas. Click to read more . . .


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