Customer Service Styles Analysis


This report provides an analysis of your strengths and development areas in one of the below six styles:

  • Relator – is concerned with each person’s needs and interest and sympathizes with each person’s point of view. There is a strong need to make the customer feel good.
  • Communicator – feels a personal obligation to help each customer, and wants to make them feel comfortable. The Communicator tends to focus on identifying and solving problems and likes to demonstrate and showcase how service is accomplished.
  • Believer – feels an obligation to educate and convince the customer in the power and function of service. The Believer is sensitive to the needs and interests of the customer, but may overlook them in the zeal to demonstrate worth.
  • Doer – pays attention to getting things done and to making things happen. He/she focuses on solving the customer’s problems. The Doer may overlook objections and assume consent.
  • Organizer – focuses on education and logic, and demonstrates the logical choice that that service will offer. He/she tends to assume that the customer’s needs and interests are reflected in their solutions.
  • Planner – relies on a service plan which identifies needs and provides solutions for generating interest and for providing service. He/she assumes that customer needs and interests are best represented by his/her presentation.

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This report identifies your Customer Service style and advises you to rely on your skills that work and to how to watch out for your habits that may inhibit your customer service performance. Click to read more . . .


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