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Axiometrics® – The User Experience

Please watch the video to see how to complete the assessment.

To take the Axiometrics® Profile please first log on to our website at www.catapult-solutions.co.uk

Please ensure you have a quiet room and preferably Windows Internet Explorer browser on your PC.

If you then click the log in button (top right corner on home page) you will be taken to the log in page. This page asks for a Login, a password and a VPid number. To access the profile, you only need a Login and Password which are provided by your contact.

The profile is not a test and cannot be passed or failed, it is a simple process of ordering 2 lists of 18 statements based on your own personal values.

The whole process normally takes less than 15 minutes, if you are in any doubt be guided by your instincts, remembering there is no right or wrong.

Axiometrics® is a registered trademark of Axiometrics International, Inc – Nashville, TN, U.S.A.