Catapult – Risk

Catapult Business (a division of Catapult Solutions Limited) looks at team and individual performance and identifies the difference between good and great whilst taking into account your unique culture, diversity and goals. We believe that companies can and should be great places to work.

Naturally you are in business to make a profit – our solutions help you to recruit, manage and develop your teams and people to have a positive impact on your balance sheet.


Your employees are the human capital that represents the unique asset of your business.

In order for you to understand in detail the talent that you have, and give you the tools and framework to maximise that talent, we base much of our work on Axiology – the scientific study of value.

Axiology brings substantial insight to competency assessment and measurement because it establishes the valuing/decision-making structure of the individual (or team) and it is these ‘values’ which, in turn, drive our behaviours.  So Axiology establishes the “cause” when looking at cause and effect, resulting in analysis which is science-based, highly accurate and also entirely objective.


What are you measuring?