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How will the Axiometrics™ Employability Guide help you?

The Employability Guide identifies your job related strengths and development areas. It highlights your attitudes, your problem solving ability, your self-image, and what motivates you. You can use it to prepare yourself for interviews and work. It not only identifies your thinking talent and how it will benefit an employer but it will tell you what may trip you up so you can work to improve it. The Employability Guide provides you with an in-depth insight into your thinking and decision making ability.

Importantly, the guide will identify not only your strengths, but the areas where your thinking and decision making are vulnerable. It will examine the level of risk this poses to you in specific situations and circumstances, will indicate the potential effects on you, and will highlight the areas you may need to focus on.

The guide includes in-depth questions and comments that an interviewer might like to explore with you based on your report. This provides you with an opportunity to answer questions about your levels of risk and consider how to address them so that you can improve your prospects of employment.

So how ready are you for your chosen career?

Or do you even know where your unique talents would add the most value?

So why should employers give you a job?

Could you describe and apply what you have done to provide evidence of the talents employers are looking for?

How do you communicate why YOU?

What additional competencies do you need to focus on developing to land you that perfect job?

We provide you with the missing piece:

  • Imagine the power of understanding how YOU think, how YOU process information and how YOU make decisions…. Now overlay this with the company you start your career with knowing this about you and also providing you with the right environment to use these skills on a daily basis…
  • LINK to:- The Graduate Market Report, 2015:- http://www.highfliers.co.uk/download/2015/graduate_market/GMReport15.pdf
  • The needs of employers have not so much changed, as been prioritised and these include:
  • Team working
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Problem solving
  • Self-management
  • Knowledge of the business
  • Literacy and numeracy relevant to the post
  • ICT knowledge
  • Ability to use own initiative but also to follow instructions
  • Leadership skills where necessary